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Earn $$$$, be your own boss, and touch hearts, all with the click of a button?

60 Days to Freedom

In 60 days you can change from a woman who just likes taking pictures of her kids, to a confident professional photographer, poised to rake in the $$$$.

Are you ready to call the shots?

I remember the first time I took payment for taking pictures of someone. $650 for two hours of my time! Holy freak! My next sale was $250 for a 15 minute session, and my next two were each $3000.

E.Z. Money!

Or so I thought.

Turns out running my own business wasn't as straight forward as I thought it was and it didn't take long for my business expenses to eat through all of that revenue and then some. It felt like there was a YUGE learning curve, yo!

But it's really not that difficult!

The reality is I was over complicating things, BIG time! Starting your own business isn't hard. All you need is someone to show you the ropes.

That's what I'm here for.

I can walk you, step by step, through the process of starting your photography business. Whether you want to be able to eventually support your family or just make some extra cash for a Disney cruise or that pair of red boots you've been drooling over.

You'll learn...

  • How to set yourself apart from the masses
  • To discover your "secret sauce"
  • How to handle any lighting situation your clients throw at you
  • How to discover your niche
  • To build a killer portfolio
  • How to design your own website
  • To calculate your cost of doing business
  • How to craft clear and consise contracts
  • How to price yourself correctly
  • How to set up your business properly
  • How to protect yourself and your gear
  • How to cut through the crap so you don't waste money on gear and services you don't need
  • How to set up a marketing plan
  • How to balance your life and your new career


Module 1 - Picture Making

Module 2 - Your Presence

  • Your gear
  • Your skills
  • Your portfolio
  • Your style
  • Your editing
  • Your niche
  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Networking
  • Marketing
  • Products
  • Your website
  • Your Client

Module 3 - Your Biz

Module 4 - Your Head

  • Contracts
  • Licenses
  • Permits
  • Finances
  • Taxes
  • Pricing
  • Copyrights
  • Mindset
  • Work/life balance
  • Personal Projects
  • Growth
  • Avoid Burnout


VIP Group Mentoring

  • 60 days of business instructon
  • Weekly 1 hour Group Mentoring calls
  • Monday - Friday facebook support
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you will have support from your fellow students
  • Customized, step by step content and marketing plan.

One on One Mentoring

  • 60 days of 1:1 of personalized business/life instruction
  • Weekly 1 hour Personalied Mentoring calls
  • Monday - Friday facebook checkins
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you will have support from your fellow students
  • Customized, step by step content and marketing plan.

Bonus 1

Screw the Rule of Thirds ebook Series

($90 value)

How many times have you scrolled through Instagram and thought, "I wish I could take pictures like that!" When was the last time you went to share only to test every Instagram filter to find the one that made your picture look the best? Did you get a nice camera for your birthday but have no idea how it works?  

Whether your have a nice DSLR or just want to take better pictures with your iPhone, this book is for you.

You will learn

  • How to set up your iPhone
  • How to set up your DSLR
  • How to analyze the light in any situation
  • Exposure 101
  • To understand Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed
  • How to choose the right lens
  • How to read shadows
  • How to manipulate your light or subject to match your vision

Bonus 2

Lightroom Presets

($150 value)

A handful of my very own, custom presets. We've got black and white, color, vibrant, muted, matte, and even the basics for color correction.

These presets are exactly what you need to jump start your creative juices and help you get your images to be exactly what you want them to be.

Bonus 3

Swipe Files

($150 value)

Take a look at exactly what is in my contracts, my client emails, templates, scripts, pitches, and more.

Bonus 4

Social media Marketing Templates

($150 value)

No need to reinvent the wheel. Here are my social media marketing templates for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest in both InDesign and Photoshop format.

Early Bird Bonus

Exclusive bonuses for my testing group only

Bonus 5

2 Hour Portfolio Review

($250 value)

Send me your favorite pictures and I'll help you curate and critique the perfect portfolio that speaks to your ideal client

Bonus 6

Website Critique

($250 value)

In addition to showing you process of creating your website (if you don't have one already), but I'll tell you how to make one that rock's your client's world!

Bonus 7

Early Bird Access

($1000+ value)

Scared something awesome will come along and you will miss out? Don't be! Any online course I release within our 60 days together, you will have full and complete access to!

What people are saying...

Jess says:

  • I had a massive breakthrough! You really jumpstarted my thinking. I legit couldn't sleep all night. I suddenly see the path. I'm so grateful to have participated with you and to be learning from you....I finally see a way out of my crippling student loan debt. 

Lori says:

  • Thank you so much for all you taught in your course. I learned so much!! What I learned has really changed how I take photos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for all of your support!

Who the heck am I?

Hi, my name is Courtney. I'm a personal and business coach, documentary photographer who specializes in families, fine art, and video. And I L.O.V.E. photography! I've been studying it for over a decade and love making pictures that share the realities of life and motherhood. Warts and all.


  • I ran a marathon by myself the day before the official race
  • I have six kids. Yup. Six.
  • I secretly want to get a tattoo
  • I've suffered from depression at several points in my life
  • I like sugary, marshmallow, chocolatey cereal
  • Sometimes I am sick of being touched and just want to take a vacation by myself.
  • I feel socially awkward, was a loner in high school and still feel like I have to earn people's love.
  • I want to be an MMA fighter
  • I love kitchen dance parties with my kids

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